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Ariel is a Life Coach and ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Behavior Change Specialist, who has a passion for helping others lead healthier and happier lives through a more holistic approach to health. In almost a decade, Ariel has trained hundreds of clients from all walks of life in fitness and behavior change coaching. Whether your goal is to get on track with your fitness and nutrition, adopt a more positive mindset, or to deepen your connection to your spirituality and nature, Ariel has a program she can customize to your individual needs.

With her coaching business, Motivational Madness, Ariel is creating a revolution in virtual coaching by taking online coaching to a new level with 100% customized programs designed to meet the needs of the individual. No program is the same with Motivational Madness training. You can feel confident knowing the primary goal is to help make you feel better about the skin you’re in.


When we first started working with Ariel, her biggest goal was to determine the right platform for her business needs and to finally dedicate a space to host her course, Mountain Madness. Along with this, she was in the middle of filling spots for her retreat Disconnect To Reconnect and looking to fill up the last few spots left, while also adding in all her needs in social media and email marketing

Needless to say she was overwhelmed, overworked, and needed some long overdue support. That’s where we stepped in.


Since Ariel has started to work with her., she has FINALLY been able to take a much-needed vacation – her first time having the ability to take a full week off and away from business.

The whole time she was gone, she didn’t have to worry about her business presence because her VA kept things very much alive during that time. She was able to come back rejuvenated, motivated, and inspired after taking that time away to reset.

  • Together, we have also been able to start planning for 2023 along with new retreat possibilities and other great offers to her audience.
  • We have also been able to dedicate time to social media strategy and keep her Instagram account active consistently on a daily basis.

This all has all happened within 5 months almost to the day, and the transformation in her business has been night and day.


We approached Ariel’s business with a focus on her online presence, since that was her primary concern, along with streamlining a course to build up her residual income. In particular, we were able to revamp her business with the following:

  1. Created email campaigns for her course
  2. Designed content for social media advertising
  3. Fully set up her Kajabi account to run and process her new course
  4. Design and launch an entire marketing campaign for the course launch, including landing pages, sales offers and payment plans, and implemented specific strategies for launching


“Her. Is the first agency I have ever worked with, and I have truly enjoyed learning the process of letting someone in to provide support when it comes to running my business. My virtual assistant has done a fantastic job at helping translate the madness in my brain into marketing for my services.

It’s a great feeling to know that my “To-do” list is being taken care of behind the scenes so that I can focus on the things that light me up as a business owner.”

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