What do you do, when the creativity just won’t hit?

In a way, this block feels like the perfect representation of social pressure to ABC – always be creating. Thanks to the design of social media and algorithms, we’ve all turned into content creators, whether we want to be or not. So that means keep putting out content or perish a death of negative engagement. 

After all, these “free” platforms were not designed to be altruistic benefactors of society. They’re built and perfected to generate really one thing: money. And they make more money, when more eyeballs are glued to the content generated from the platform – that very same content we feel pressured to constantly produce. 

And so, a cycle emerges, The machine that amplifies our message needs fed, so we need to create more and more to keep it satisfied, or else we lose out. 

But our well of creativity doesn’t refill on demand.

Unlike the 24-7 content machine that never stops to sleep. 

So what do we do? 

Not sure we have the perfect answer over here yet. We’re muddling through it just the same! There is certainly a lesson here, or overall take away. Maybe in the bigger picture, this content creator role we’ve all been thrust into (to further line the pockets of tech billionaires) will end up being a real turning point in the chokehold that socials have on us. Or maybe not.

But in the meantime! We’ve got some Reels to design 🤪 so a few things we’re trying to bust up our creative blocks:

  • Changing up your surroundings
  • Free writing
  • Going for a walk
  • Setting a timer
  • Starting an ideas notebook (or Google doc) for when ideas do hit
  • Reading something unrelated to your content
  • Following your curiosities
  • Setting a consistency practice
  • Taking the pressure off yourself for X days (and then following through with starting back up!)

And of course, we’d love to hear any of your tried-and-true strategies! What works for you, when your creative well runs dry? (I mean, help a girl out here?) What do you think about being a content creator, on top of all your other hats? Have you started thinking in trending audio too? Are you ready to just start live-streaming your every thought via brain chip in the metaverse? (because sometimes, same)

Alix Bryan

Alix started with her. as a Virtual Assistant, and has transformed her role within the agency to take charge of all things content marketing. With years of experience in English education, email marketing, and self-taught design, she loves diving into all things related to wellness, writing and creative. When she’s not trying to keep up with her two little ones, Alix loves to dive headfirst into new cookbooks, play with fresh flowers, explore Pittsburgh with her husband, and buy more pretty journals and good pens than any one person needs in a lifetime.

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