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Sarah Ball is a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P) and Emotion Code Practitioner, specializing in hormones, thyroid, and gut health. Her transformative approach revolves around empowering her clients to become their own self-healers, addressing imbalances at their root—physically, mentally, emotionally, and energetically. Sarah equips individuals with the tools and knowledge needed to navigate their health journey with confidence and reclaim their well-being.

Explore more about Sarah and her empowering services at, where she guides women towards revitalizing their health and embracing a balanced lifestyle.


Sarah’s biggest struggle in her business when she first came to us was managing backend processes in Kajabi. Specifically, she faced challenges in setting up landing pages, checkouts for courses, implementing tags, and creating automations. Initially, Sarah had clients pay and fill out forms through another platform, Practice Better, while simultaneously paying for Kajabi. This disjointed process posed difficulties for both Sarah and her clients, calling for a more streamlined and efficient setup.


Through our collaboration, we successfully revamped Sarah’s backend processes, creating a smoother experience for both Sarah and her clients. By alleviating Sarah’s burden of handling complex Kajabi tasks, she gained the freedom to focus on the bigger picture of her business. The key outcomes include:

Kajabi Setup:

  • Streamlined landing pages and checkouts for courses, providing a seamless enrollment process for Sarah’s clients
  • Integrated tags and automations, facilitating efficient email and course management
  • Implemented dripped courses, allowing for structured and progressive content delivery

Learning and Growth:

  • Sarah acquired a deeper understanding of Kajabi’s capabilities and the potential it holds for her business
  • By delegating tech and backend tasks to our team, Sarah regained invaluable time to deepen her studies to better support her clients


Our partnership with Sarah focused on enhancing her backend processes and empowering her to embrace the full potential of Kajabi. Here’s how we achieved these results:

  1. Kajabi Setup: We collaborated closely with Sarah to streamline her backend processes on Kajabi. This involved creating seamless landing pages and checkouts for her courses, ensuring a smooth enrollment experience for her clients. We also implemented tags and automations, enabling effective email and course management. Additionally, we set up dripped courses, delivering content in a structured and progressive manner.
  2. Learning and Growth: We provided Sarah with comprehensive support and guidance throughout the process, empowering her to deepen her understanding of Kajabi’s features and functionalities. By taking on the tech and backend tasks, we allowed Sarah to focus on the bigger picture of her business, expand her knowledge of Kajabi, and maximize the platform’s potential (and therefore her investment).

Through our collective efforts, Sarah experienced a significant transformation in her business operations. By streamlining her backend processes on Kajabi, she now enjoys a more seamless and efficient setup, benefiting both her and her clients. Sarah has gained valuable insights and confidence in utilizing Kajabi, empowering her to focus on her core mission of guiding women towards revitalizing their health and embracing a balanced lifestyle.


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