Every year when the end of September/beginning of October rolls around, I find myself cherishing the “lasts.”

The last time the sun sets after 7 PM.

The last 70 degree day.

The last day of wearing shorts before switching over to a season of long pants only.

The last swim in the ocean without a wetsuit.

The last week of the trees having all of their leaves.

The last walk without a coat.

The last harvest from the garden.

The last season of colorful flowers lining my neighbor’s garden beds.

Fall is a season that always preludes a season of death and, because of this, opens us up to the opportunity to appreciate what we have while we have it.

So, I ask you: what is it that you’re cherishing in this season of your life?

What do you need to let go of to be able to more fully cherish what you want to hold onto?

Where have you been walking through your life without attention + appreciation and how can you invite more presence and gratitude into those moments?

What big and little deaths are you witnessing in your life right now?  How can you let go of what needs to be released?  What are these losses teaching you to cherish?

May the “lasts” of Fall remind you about what it means to be human: that this all ends, but the ending of it all is what brings the beauty.

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