Outsourcing to the right person can be hard. But her. has designed a method designed to lighten the entrepreneurial load. We’ve found a way to ACTUALLY feel like you are getting your time back.

It’s a situation we’ve seen play out more times than we’d like.

An entrepreneur finally decides to outsource and make her first VA or OBM hire. Or maybe she’s tried a solo hire in the past that didn’t work out, but she wants to try again. She’s excited, but apprehensive. This is a significant business expense and is a little scary. How can she be sure that the investment will pay off?

She searches around to find the right fit, contacts a few promising leads, and makes the choice to sign on with a provider for support. Yay! Everyone feels thrilled to work together.

The VA and the entrepreneur connect, share task lists, get to know each other. The entrepreneur feels seen and understood, and the VA is eager to do quality work.

Then the entrepreneur changes her mind.

Can the VA do things differently? Can they change everything about a sales page design? Can they redo all the branding colors and fonts before building out social media posts? Oh wait, now let’s change the email service, can we transfer over all the lists? Additional tasks are piling up, without much prioritization or delegation.

Tasks start happening later, or at the last second. Emails need to be reviewed moments before sending, social posts have more rounds of edits, and then a sales pages has to be fixed right before launching.

The entrepreneur is starting to get stressed out. Her new team member needs SO much guidance – she thought they knew what they were doing? Why is she having to spend so much time managing them?

A month goes by, and then another. There aren’t extra sales coming in. Even with someone else posting more often on social media, sending regular emails, or helping to launch another different offer. This VA is not paying off like she thought they would.

In the end, the entrepreneur parts ways with the VA after only a few months, disappointed and upset over the sunken financial investment.

Why couldn’t the VA integrate into her business and do things the way she would do them? Why didn’t this promise of support actually free up any of her time? Why didn’t she start to see more money coming in?

Well, after more than 2 years and 100+ clients served – we’ve figured out why.


The problem is that bringing someone new into your business takes time, and that necessary time is often something that entrepreneurs don’t consider.

Think about any new job you’ve had. You needed to learn the standard ways things are done. You need to learn how you interact with your audience and clients. You need to figure out why the business is doing what they do, and how they plan to do it.

When an entrepreneur has never hired before and is desperately looking to help take things off their plate – this very necessary set-up and acclimation time feels like just another time suck.

Getting account access. Troubleshooting tech issues and login verifications. Tweaking their work to fit your brand style, your voice, your perspective. Setting up a task management system. Actually figuring out what needs delegated to support the business. Determining out how often to meet, and then how to make those meetings productive. Reviewing their work. Offering constructive feedback. Figuring out how to lead another person within the business.

All while actually running the business.

So entrepreneurs face the ultimate hiring dilemma:

they need to hire someone for support because they don’t have the time and energy to do all the things…

yet, they don’t have the space in their schedules or the space in their minds to prepare their businesses for a new team member that will be able to thrive within their role long-term.


What if you could hire a VA who could complete tasks exactly how you would like them done (if not better!) without having to spend upwards of 40 hours meticulously training your new team member?

Enter the her. Set It month.

A VA contract with her. now begins with a 90-minute deep dive call with our Team Manager. During this call, you will share it all: the juicy details of your upcoming offers, your brand’s story and mission, your desires and goals in hiring a VA, and your day-to-day processes and operations that you are wishing to delegate.

Then our manager will then embark on a 30-day journey of creating the team training library of your dreams, complete with SOPs, templates, tutorials, and more.  Upon receiving your approval of the custom training materials, she sets up an Asana project for you and your VA to work within, including all appropriate task descriptions, resources, and due dates.  The Set It month then ends with an internal training call between our manager and your new VA so that your new team member can be brought up to speed on your goals, offers, and ways of operating.

As a result, you get a team member trained uniquely for your business’ needs AND a library of employee training materials that you get to keep to use for future hires…without ever having to lift a finger.

That’s responsible team leadership without the burnout.

After the Set It month, your VA can now begin supporting you in the backend operations of your business.  With goals, SOPs, and project timelines already in place, your VA can now seamlessly take work off your plate in a way that feels truly nourishing.

How many times have you wished you had another you? Someone who could manage your workload with the same attention to detail as yourself?

Or…how often have you craved processes, structure, and resources for tasks in your business that have never been your expertise?

Now you get to have it all!  A process-driven framework for excellent detail-oriented work that will allow you to feel soulfully supported in your business.

Our set it and let it  process is designed to lighten the entrepreneurial load in a way that ACTUALLY feels like it’s giving you your time back.

Curious to learn more about working with a her. VA? Find Case Studies here, that showcase some of our most recent client transformations. Or visit our VA Support page to learn more about how a VA can help when you need another you.

I’d love to know more about your experiences with outsourcing
Have you tried to outsource, recently or in the past? How did it go? Or is something holding you back from outsourcing?

Alix Bryan

Alix started with her. as a Virtual Assistant, and has transformed her role within the agency to take charge of all things content marketing. With years of experience in English education, email marketing, and self-taught design, she loves diving into all things related to wellness, writing and creative. When she’s not trying to keep up with her two little ones, Alix loves to dive headfirst into new cookbooks, play with fresh flowers, explore Pittsburgh with her husband, and buy more pretty journals and good pens than any one person needs in a lifetime.

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