Over the past few weeks, I have noticed the sun shifting away from “summer” sun and moving into “fall” sun and that created…well…extreme panic in my psyche.

As resilient as life and entrepreneurship has made me, I still find that I struggle with change, especially the change in seasons.  Summer to fall has always been the hardest transition for me.  It’s the time where we exchange flip flops for sweaters.  The time in which we exchange “summer fun” for “fall responsibilities.”

Do I still sometimes feel like a school-aged kid who, once the end of August hits, is DREADING going back to school and refuses to believe that summer is ending?


Did I have a slight internal melt down when I saw my local grocery store putting out their Halloween candy and fall ciders?

Yes…yes, I did.

The truth is: this change in season has felt so abrupt and I have found myself feeling more anxious than usual about the transition ahead.  Anyone else in the same boat?

This weekend, I decided that I didn’t want to feel so turbulent and ungrounded anymore.  When life feels shaky and I am surrounded by change, the best way I know how to create a sense of internal safety is to lean into routine.  My routine tethers me to stability even amongst uncertainty.

So, here is what I did:

~I nerded out on nutrition education.  I learned about what vitamins/nutrients help to reduce anxiety and what foods trigger it and then made an spreadsheet documenting foods that would be supportive to my nervous system and well-being as I navigate this transition into fall.  I now have a routine to weekly create a meal plan that not only will taste delicious, but will holistically nourish me as well.

~I re-organized my morning ritual and carved out extra time so I could start my day feeling as grounded as possible.  For the past few months, my only morning ritual has been to journal for a few minutes before getting out of bed.  This was starting to feel stagnant and I knew that I needed a new routine to better support me during this time.  My new morning ritual consists of a long walk, breathwork, meditation, and a nourishing breakfast.  So far, so good 🙂

~I sprinkled in nervous system boosters throughout my day rather than relying solely upon my morning ritual.  While I have the most time in my mornings to ground down and engage in a mindful ritual, I wanted to have other moments throughout my day that felt intentional and supportive too.  Thus, I created space in my afternoons for some pilates/Yoga and a cold shower as well as some space in the evening for a gratitude practice.

~I am engaging in activities that bring me joy-both new and old-and am making joy a routine and priority in my life.  Part of me truly believes that fall marks the end of all fun, so what better way to re-write that narrative than to infuse joy into my weekly routine.  Whether it be trying out new hobbies (like knitting or pickleball), or leaning into what I know brings me joy (like talking with family or going climbing with my partner), my happiness is one of my main priorities during this season of change.

If you, too, are feeling a bit uneasy as summer ends and fall begins, you’re not alone.  Change, no matter its magnitude, can feel unsettling.  You’re not crazy for feeling this way.  You’re simply human.

Take care of yourself a little extra during this season.  Permission to do whatever you need to in order to feel safe, secure, and supported.

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