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Rachel Kelly is a clinically trained therapist with a Masters in Clinical Social Work. After several years in the traditional mental health therapy field, Rachel decided to leave both therapy jobs she had in order to start her own healing coaching business as it felt like a better fit.

She now owns a life coaching and healing business, specializing in emotional wellness, trauma processing, nervous system healing, inner child work, assertive communication, and self-love. The healing method Rachel uses with her clients allows for a full nervous system transformation and truly gets to the ROOT of her clients’ feelings of “stuckness.”

Rachel’s jam is working with anxiously attached individuals wanting to build secure attachment and fall completely in love with ALL PARTS of themselves. She loves working with those who are ALL IN on their healing and are ready to put in the work to re-wire their nervous system, have a full transformation, and create a life beyond their wildest dreams!


Rachel Kelly approached us with a significant goal: to launch her own podcast before her 31st birthday. As a new client, Rachel had limited experience in podcast production, but she had a clear vision for the podcast’s direction. Our task was to assist her in creating and launching a podcast from scratch, ensuring it aligned with her brand’s mission and vision.


Through our collaborative efforts, we successfully launched Rachel’s podcast, surpassing her initial goal. In just five days, we transformed her vision into a reality, providing comprehensive support throughout the entire process. Since the launch, we have continued to work closely with Rachel, resulting in the following achievements:

  • Producing and airing 37 captivating podcast episodes and counting
  • Consistently releasing 1-2 episodes per week
  • Building a growing audience, expanding Rachel’s reach and impact

Rachel’s podcast has become a powerful platform for sharing her wisdom and experience, allowing her to reach and connect with more individuals than ever before.


Our partnership with Rachel began by understanding her vision for the podcast and her brand. We collaborated closely to ensure the podcast’s development aligned with the vision she had for the growth of her brand’s message. Here are the key steps we took:

  1. Podcast Creation: From conceptualization to execution, we worked together to craft the podcast’s identity, including cover art, branding, show notes, and overall structure. Rachel’s unique expertise and insights guided the content creation process.
  2. Full-Spectrum Support: Recognizing Rachel’s limited experience in podcast production, we provided comprehensive assistance, handling the technical aspects of audio recording, editing, and post-production. This allowed Rachel to focus on delivering impactful content while leaving the technical intricacies to us.
  3. Launch Strategy: We developed a strategic plan to successfully launch the podcast within Rachel’s desired timeframe. By coordinating timelines, organizing logistics, and leveraging effective marketing strategies across multiple channels, we ensured a smooth and impactful launch.

Since the initial launch, we have continued to collaborate with Rachel, supporting her in consistently delivering high-quality episodes, engaging with her audience, and expanding her podcast’s reach.

By working together, we have empowered Rachel to extend her wisdom and guidance to a wider audience, fostering personal growth and transformation in the lives of her listeners.


“This is my second time working with her. as they are always my go to for support. I was seeking support with things that I had no interest in learning how to do (podcast editing, course creation on Kajabi, etc). This has allowed me to use my time to focus on what does light me up! My VA has been absolutely incredible in doing engagement, making my pod episodes sounds flawless and just allowing me peace of mind that my biz is in great hands while I’m away or not working. It’s allowed me to travel and take time off social media when I want. I can’t recommend her. enough!”


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