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Nina Petruzzo, a passionate Faith-based and Feminine Leadership Mentor, is the founder of The Way of Grace and the hostess of The Rising Feminine Collective Podcast.

Believing that the feminine is the heartbeat of the planet, Nina is dedicated to bringing love to uncharted territories. Her mission is to guide individuals on a transformative journey of returning to their bodies, hearts, and holy truths. By supporting her clients in deepening their faith and reclaiming their beloved identities, Nina empowers them to resurrect the fullness of their essence.

To connect with Nina and explore her transformative offerings, visit Join her vibrant community and stay tuned to The Rising Feminine Collective Podcast as she shares insights and interviews experts in the field.


Nina approached us with a powerful vision for her business but limited capacity and support to execute it effectively. She required significant tech support to bring her vision to life. Most recently, Nina aimed to launch a free summit, bringing together a group of experts in her field to share their knowledge and expertise with a broad audience. Success relied on having a well-prepared backend system that would inform and excite summit participants.


With our comprehensive backend support, Nina’s summit achieved remarkable success. By leveraging our expertise, we ensured that summit deliverables were set up in advance, providing a seamless and engaging experience for summit attendees. Our contributions included:

  • Graphic design (speaker introduction graphics, summit promotions, banners)
  • Landing page development (for summit and membership offers)
  • Email administration support
  • Creation of a downloadable calendar for attendees
  • Technical support throughout the summit

Nina was able to host an impactful 8-day summit, attracting over 600 participants. Furthermore, 22 individuals joined the membership immediately after the summit, while 17 purchased the recording of the event. The backend support we provided played a crucial role in the summit’s success and ROI.


Our collaboration with Nina was rooted in understanding her vision and providing the necessary tech support. Here’s a breakdown of our key contributions:

  1. Graphics Creation: We designed visually compelling graphics, including speaker images, promotional materials, and banners. These elements captured the essence of the summit and enticed + informed potential attendees.
  2. Landing Page Development: Our team created engaging and user-friendly landing pages for the summit and coinciding membership offer. These pages effectively communicated the value and purpose of Nina’s offerings, encouraging registration and conversions.
  3. Email Administration Support: We handled the administrative tasks related to email communication, ensuring attendees received timely and informative messages throughout the summit. This streamlined communication allowed Nina and her fellow presenters to focus 100% of their energy on teaching and guiding attendees.
  4. Downloadable Calendar: We developed a downloadable calendar that provided attendees with a clear overview of the summit schedule which encouraged active participation.
  5. Technical Support: Throughout the summit, we provided continuous technical support, resolving any issues or challenges that arose. Our prompt assistance ensured a smooth and glitch-free summit experience for both presenters and attendees.

By leveraging our tech support and collaborating closely with Nina, we facilitated a successful summit that attracted a significant number of participants. The backend systems we established played a vital role in creating a seamless and engaging experience, ultimately leading to a boost in membership enrollment and recording purchases.


“I worked with her. for 2 years utilizing their VA services and I felt so supported throughout my time with them. The VA’s I worked with were high quality, professional, caring, and passionate about my projects and brand. The tasks I had always got done in a timely manner and with responsive communication. I am so grateful for her. and the many ways their services have supported me in expanding my business.

My business has grown from serving a handful of 1:1 clients to now supporting over 50 women monthly within my membership and group course. I have recurring payments through my courses that her. helped me to build out via Kajabi and backend systems that support my continued growth. I definitely received hours of time back for myself through having the VA support. I was really able to focus on my magic in community space holding & creativity, while her. managed and supported my backend. The podcast her. supported me in growing has reached thousands of listeners and her. supported me in leading an over 600 person online event.”


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