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Kylee Nelson, a dedicated motherhood counselor and business consultant for therapists venturing into private practice, understands the challenges and complexities of being a mother. As a licensed marriage and family therapist, a highly sensitive person, and a survivor of her own difficult postpartum journey, Kylee is passionate about helping moms gain the skills and confidence to prioritize their mental health and cultivate lives filled with joy and fulfillment.

Discover more about Kylee and her transformative services at Stay connected and be inspired through her podcast, where she shares valuable insights and practical tips for navigating the joys and challenges of motherhood.


When Kylee came to us, she was craving more consistency in her business, particularly in maintaining a regular blogging schedule, sending emails, and maintaining an active presence on Instagram. She desired to expand her marketing efforts, launch new offerings, and start a podcast but lacked the strategy, framework, and time to do so.


By providing comprehensive support, we enabled Kylee to overcome her obstacles and achieve a more consistent and strategic approach to launching + marketing. Through her collaboration with a VA + OBM, Kylee experienced a transformative journey, resulting in the following outcomes:

  • Done-for-you newsletters, ensuring consistent communication with her audience
  • A consistent blogging schedule with engaging and informative articles to better support her community and drive traffic to her website
  • An active social media presence, with month-long content calendars comprising captivating graphics and captions scheduled through Tailwind
  • The successful launch and ongoing support for her podcast, including assistance with marketing materials, episode editing, and show notes
  • Integration of short-form video content (with all strategy + filming facilitated remotely by our team), expanding her marketing efforts onto other platforms

Kylee’s transformation allowed her to shift from feeling overwhelmed and unable to keep up with her marketing tasks to a place of freedom and empowerment. She regained valuable time and energy to pursue passion projects, such as her podcast, which has brought her immense joy and fulfillment.


Our partnership with Kylee centered her as the visionary of her brand, while we took all of her big, beautiful ideas and ran with them. From project management to launch strategy to marketing support, we handled all of the nitty-gritty details required to make Kylee’s visions come to life. Here are the key ways we helped her:

  1. Email, Blogging, and Social Media Support: We took charge of writing and planning Kylee’s emails, publishing blog posts, and curating month-long social media calendars. By creating captivating graphics, engaging captions, and scheduling posts through Tailwind, we ensured a consistent online presence for Kylee.
  2. Podcast Ideation and Launch Support: We assisted Kylee in launching her podcast by providing strategic insight for the launch, creating marketing materials to promote the show, editing episodes, and writing show notes. This comprehensive support allowed her to focus solely on delivering impactful content and connecting with her audience.
  3. Video Content Integration: Recognizing the power of video in marketing, we facilitated short-form video recording sessions. This enabled Kylee to expand her content reach, develop trust and authority within her community, and enhance the educational value of her marketing efforts.
  4. Project Management: To ensure smooth execution of Kylee’s upcoming projects, we provided project management support. We collaborated with Kylee to outline her projects, manage their timelines, and delegate necessary tasks to bring those projects to life. By keeping Kylee accountable to her dreams, we ensured timely completion and successful implementation of her initiatives.

Through our collective efforts, Kylee experienced a transformative shift in her marketing approach. With more time and support, she was able to actualize her passion projects, elevating her impact and reaching more mothers seeking guidance and support on their motherhood journeys.


“I first sought out support from her. because I had a lot of things I wanted to accomplish in my business and MANY of those things I had tried to do myself, but I always either got off track or put things to the back burner to focus on my 1:1 work with therapy clients. My initial goal was to create and launch a podcast and a course – however through my work with my team I realized that the course wasn’t actually in alignment with what I wanted for my business or how I wanted to serve my clients. The great thing about working with an OBM and VA is that my OBM was able to help me navigate through these decisions and help me see ways I could use the course content that I spent time developing in a way that does feel more in alignment with my business & serving my clients well. In the past I would have just let all of that work go into a pile somewhere never to be seen again, but now we are saving it for an upcoming workshop series! 

The support I have received from my team has been invaluable. They’ve done all the things you’d expect working with an OBM & VA like help with creating systems, developing plans for offers/launches over the rest of the year, having regularly scheduled social media posts and emails going out. All of that has been top notch and amazing quality. But I think what’s made it invaluable is the support I’ve received around honoring my capacity, it being okay to change my mind and go in a different direction and the feeling of knowing that even if I take a step back we’ve got the systems and plans and everything set up that I won’t have a fire to put out when I return. 

As far as ROI goes – there is so much. I have a podcast with 10 published episodes and a great system to keep it going. We’ve created a beautiful freebie and grown my email list. I have systems set up for everything – emails, social media, blogs, etc. This has been so helpful! The biggest ROI for me has been the ability to have more time back in my schedule and to have someone create the systems and processes for my big ideas and check in with me on tasks/projects to actually make it happen. Things are getting done, I’m having more time and freedom in my schedule and I feel so supported!”


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