In working intimately with over 130 female founders, I’ve noticed that a lot of business owners tend to hyper-fixate on money.  In fact, the #1 desire I hear amongst founders is: “I just want to make more money.”

In a world in which folks are inundated with coaches and creators touting their $10K, $20K, $100K months all over the internet, it’s no surprise that money has become such a pain point for so many women in business.  We see the “success” other folks in our circle are having and start to panic: “Why aren’t I making $10K a month?  What are they doing right, that I’m doing wrong?”

Here’s the thing: chasing after the money, alone, will put you in a cycle of never-ending disappointment.

Why?  Because what so many of us are chasing after isn’t actually the money.  It’s the lifestyle.  It’s the value-driven life that we’ve actually been dreaming of.

I’m gonna let you in on a little secret: the #1 goal of my business isn’t about making more money.


It’s about creating a life that allows me the freedom to invest energy into the people + activities that I love while also being able to create an impact through my work.

If you say the primary goal of running your biz is to make more money, I challenge that.

What does that money get you?

If you are constantly craving to make more money and that’s what drives your business, tell me: is the joy you get from making money purely about the number in you see in your bank account?

Orrrr is it that the money allows you to bring you + your partner on a vacation, or allows you to buy organic groceries at the store, or allows you to take that pottery workshop you’ve been dreaming of?

Is it really about the money (the actual dollar amount in your bank account) or is it about the values that lie beneath the money?

Realizing that your goals actually don’t have anything to do with money itself and more so with what money symbolizes for you (freedom, time with loved ones, travel, etc.), helps you get out of the never-ending money-making hamster wheel (in which nothing ever feels like enough) and enables you to ACTUALLY create a life + business that brings you joy.

When you place less of an emphasis on money and more on what you truly value, the way you view “wins” in your business shifts. 

You start to see extra time in your day as your preferred ROI.

The mid-day hammock nap by the lake starts to feel more fulfilling than the payment notification.

Having friends over for a celebratory dinner party starts to feel more rewarding than mimicing how other “high end” coaches in your industry celebrate.

So I ask you:

What is it that you truly value?

What is it that truly brings you joy?

What is it that truly fulfills you and makes you feel connected to your purpose?

That is what you chase after.  Not the number. 

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