If you read our previous blog post about why value is a more important focus than aesthetics as a wellness brand, I wanted to highlight, in today’s blog post, HOW to actually add extra value to your business with this down-and-dirty brain dump filled with ideas that any founder can implement right now to better serve their clients + community.

Let the value-adding brain dump commence:

1. Share your clients’ content on IG
Once a week, we share 4-5 posts from our clients and tag them in our stories. On average, our clients’ tagged accounts have ~15-20 clicks from other users in our community which means our clients are getting free exposure and reach through this simple social strategy that we implement on their behalf! We track which clients we highlight each week to ensure there’s a fair rotation of shared content. You can do the same as early as this week! Start sharing your clients’ content and tag them. They’ll appreciate it and you’ll feel good sharing content from people you believe in 🙂

2. Highlight your clients in your email newsletter
Every week, we highlight one of our clients or community members in our weekly newsletter (peep the podcast highlight section below!) and will either link to their website or directly to offers that they are currently enrolling for! This gets our community members in front of hundreds of new potential leads or collaborators without them having to even lift a finger! To implement this strategy, simply add a new section to your newsletter template and share away!

3. Invite clients to be interviewed on your podcast or in an IG live
We invite all of our clients to be a guest on the her. life, her. way podcast. Again, this gets our clients in front of a new audience AND gives our clients an hour+ of content to repurpose for their own marketing purposes. It’s a win/win! Whether you have a podcast, or you want to invite them to be interviewed in an IG live, simply create a Calendly scheduling link for the interview and add it to your pre-existing onboarding process for new clients. Easy peasy!

4. Feature clients on your website
All of our clients at her. have the opportunity to be featured on our website with the headshot, job title, and a link that leads directly to THEIR website. The hundreds of web users that we receive on a weekly basis have direct access to learning more about all of our clients’ offerings. Easiest way to integrate this practice is, again, to build it into your onboarding process! We ask clients in their onboarding questionnaire for a headshot, job title, and website link that we then use to add their profile to our site. You can do this too!

5. Connect your clients + community members to ideal collaborators and referral partners
As a community-minded individual, I am ALWAYS thinking about who I can connect our clients + community members with for mutually beneficial partnerships. Every month, I’m connecting folks in our community with other women I think they’d benefit from knowing/working with. As the founder of your company, keep a mental tab (or a physical one!) of the types of partnerships your clients are seeking and actively connect them with those ideal collaborators/clients directly via email or, my fav, an IG voice note!

6. Celebrate life’s joys and honor life’s trials with your clients

One of the best ways to add value to your business is by paying attention to your client as a whole individual (an individual that has a full life outside of their work with you).  We send clients emails to celebrate their anniversaries with us, cards for their birthdays, surprise gifts for holidays, and flowers for random life events (a big move, a death in the family, a graduation, etc.).  To implement this in your business, collect important client info in your onboarding questionnaire (birthday, business anniversary date, really anything you want to celebrate alongside your client!) and then make a recurring task for yourself in your project management tool to send your client a little something special (an email, a card, a gift, a special shoutout on IG/in your newsletter) every year on that celebratory date.  To honor the more spontaneous happenings in your clients’ lives like deaths, moves, births, etc., you simply have to ask the right questions, pay attention, and act fast.  What this looks like for us: I have our team report back to me any time a client mentions something big going on in their life AND I keep a close eye on our clients’ IG accounts to make note of any new happenings going on in their lives.  Once I catch wind of something important happening in the lives of our clients, I act (with an email, a card, a gift, a DM-whatever the occasion calls for!).  Ask your clients about what’s going on in their lives, consume their content, and celebrate/honor them accordingly 🙂

And if you need support coming up with ways to add value to your business in a way that is unique to you and your brand…give me a shout (it’s kinda my jam!).

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