It’s the season of fresh starts, new notebooks, and well intentioned promises!
We’ve all been here before. Instead of repeating tired resolutions, let’s integrate the spirit of newness along with slow focus and intentionality.

*Also to note, none of these are affiliate links, ads, or provided to her. for promotion. These really are things we’ve found on our own and are excited to share with you!

1. Swipewipe app

IDK about you, but our digital photo folders are a disaster. With the app Swipewipe, even perpetual screenshot-ers like us can get our camera rolls under control.

So this app can help you quickly clean up your camera roll with just a swipe – right to keep, left to delete. After one final check before hitting delete, Swipewipe rewards you with a report screen that celebrates all that sweet sweet space you’ve just saved.

2. Some Lines A Day journal


This is the journal that takes the pressure off journaling. Each page in the five-year memory book provides space for just a few lines about the same calendar day over five years. This makes it easy to see both extraordinary and recurring events occur over the years, with the minimal effort of a few sentences each evening.

“And in the end, it´s not the years in your life that count; it’s the life in your years.” Abraham Lincoln.

3. Project333 – the Minimalist Fashion Challenge

Project 333™ is the minimalist fashion challenge that invites you to dress with 33 items or less for 3 months. With resouces available in a few formats (book, course, online challenge, blog posts), Project 333 offers a framework to fall back on when you’re looking to refine your wardrobe and discover your personal style.

We approach challenges like this with a vibe that is less “strict rules to follow or else!” and more of a vibe of “here’s a fun set of guidelines that can break me out of a style rut and help me be more creative and intentional with clothing purchases.”

4. BAGGU reusable shopping bags

Ok so we know these aren’t new. And also that there are zillions of reusable bags at every retailer. But this one, it is PERFECT.

I pull it out of my purse constantly to use for groceries, an unexpected yard sale purchase, for my kids’ hastily purchased and definitely overpriced snacks and drinks. It holds it all!

Of course BAGGU stocks bags in normal blacks and blues, but there is something about a massive smiley face on my shoulder makes me more likely to throw it over my shoulder. Truly, I’m obsessed.

5. Skylight Calendar


Skylight is a WiFi-connected digital display that showcases your family’s schedule for everyone in the family to access, any time. With a 15″ HD touchscreen and a free mobile app, this device is a lifesaver for busy family to easily plan and manage events.

We’re talking meal planning. Shared lists. Chore charts. Even an easy access view of the day’s weather!

6. Watercolor Workbook by Emily Lex


These guided workbooks make the art of watercolor painting accessible for hobby artists (like us!). A fun and easy way to practice your painting, its pages include 10 full color examples, step-by-step instructions, and lightly illustrated sketches. Available in a variety of themes that include flowers, animals, holiday and seaside.

I’ve been trying out watercolors as a mindful creative practice, and having Emily’s instructions and sketches help me leap past my standard analysis paralysis. No decisions needed, just paint!

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