February – A month for small gestures, heartfelt words, and above all, expressing deep appreciation for the beautiful souls in our communities.

*Also to note, none of these are affiliate links, ads, or provided to her. for promotion. These really are things we’ve found on our own and are excited to share with you!

1. Ghia


“All of the spirit, none of the booze” A lot has been written about Ghia. It’s on-trend and tasty, with beautiful packaging to boot.

But the thing that really matters?
It’s the first (and so far only) product that I’ve found that still feels as special as a drink.

2. Culture Study by Anne Helen Peterson


If you’re not already following great writers on Substack, this needs to be your first follow.
And if you are, well, this needs to be your next follow.

Culture Study offers such a wide variety of considerations in pop culture – from Bama RushTok and the cult of busyness to the deep-seed fatphobia Millennials were raised within – that I’m constantly referencing and sharing articles with my friends and partner. Not to mention, the paid Culture Study comment section is truly “the best place on the internet” and my favorite spot to hang out and chat with some smart people about new ideas.

3. allyoos A Quick Clean


A Quick Clean is a gentle hair rinse that removes sweat, dirt, and oil from your scalp and root area. Perfect for those in-between days when you want to get your hair wet again to feel fresh, but don’t need the whole wash routine.

This rinse is the answer for you if you want to start kicking your dry shampoo habit — a gentler option that rinses off build-up in-between shampoo days, instead of piling it on. 

4. Good Inside by Dr. Becky Kennedy


Dr. Becky has become the go-to, definitive parenting resource for many parents these days, and rightfully so. With a signature approach based on empathy and respect but blended with sturdy leadership, Dr. Becky offers the scenarios, scripts, and science that many adults need to imagine new ways of interacting with the kids in our lives.

Best about Dr. Becky? Her advice is excellent not only for parents, but for anyone considering the impact of their own parents as well.

5. Art/Life Practice


From Art/Life Practice: “Art Life Practice lives at the intersection of art and wellbeing: Science has found – and proven time and again – that there is a powerful connection between art-making and fulfillment, emotional grounding, and mental clarity.”

We deeply believe in making time and space for casual, creative play as a hobby, and encourage women especially to embrace the practice of leisure. The inspiration and products offered by Art/Life Practice make us excited to break out of the grind to think expansively and creatively.

6. Palo Santo Patchouli candle from Sweet Water Decor


Classic patchouli combines with vanilla, herbal lavender, and woody notes of sandalwood with a touch of musk to create the perfect calming and relaxing aroma to enjoy all year.

Our favorite thing about the non-toxic, soy-based candles from Sweet Water Decor is that they actually LAST for the reported 40+ hour burn time. And office candles are a biz write-off, right? (pls don’t take our financial advice)

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