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Kalli, a dedicated functional medicine nurse practitioner, specializes in supporting women facing health challenges such as migraines, fertility issues, PCOS, and hormonal imbalances. Her mission is to help the women she works with in her practice feel better naturally using functional medicine lab tests to help find and treat the root cause of their symptoms.

Explore more about Kalli and her empowering services at kalliblively.com, where she guides women towards renewed health and well-being.


Kalli had a vision to elevate her online presence and offerings, but several challenges stood in her way. She aimed to become more active on Instagram, engage her audience through regular newsletters, and create a course to generate passive income. However, she faced the following hurdles:

  1. Content Management: Kalli needed a streamlined approach to managing her social media and email content. The process of consistently creating engaging content for both platforms was time-consuming and overwhelming.
  2. Passive Income Generation: Kalli desired to create a course that could serve as a source of passive income, but she required support in course development and marketing.


Through our collaboration, we addressed Kalli’s challenges and unlocked new possibilities for her business. The key outcomes include:

  • Less Time Online: The establishment of a structured content calendar streamlined Kalli’s social media and email marketing efforts. This automation significantly reduced her online and marketing workload, freeing up time for other aspects of her business.
  • More Client Focus: With content marketing running more efficiently and the passive income course in place, Kalli can devote more time and energy to her clients, providing them with dedicated support and guidance.
  • Passive Income Generation: Kalli now possesses a valuable course to offer her clients, and it serves as a potential source of passive income. This newfound stream of revenue contributes to the financial stability and growth of her business.

The transformation resulted in a business that operates more smoothly and efficiently, with Kalli enjoying increased time for client engagement and a new avenue for passive income. This journey has enabled Kalli to balance her online presence and business responsibilities while enhancing the lives of the women she supports.


Our collaboration with Ashley focused on passive income generation and on creating a content management system that would allow Kalli to spend less time marketing her business.

Content Management:

  • Monthly Content Calendar: We established a monthly content calendar, incorporating a mix of content formats, including Riverside Reels repurposed as TikToks. This calendar served as a blueprint to automate Kalli’s social media posts for the entire month, reducing the creative load and her online presence.
  • Email Marketing: We created an email calendar focusing on various ailments and topics relevant to the women Kalli works with. This resulted in biweekly email newsletters sent automatically, eliminating the need for manual copywriting and management.

Passive Income Generation:

  • Course Development: We assisted Kalli in building a course on Teachable, from content creation to setup. This course now serves as a valuable asset to offer her clients and generate passive income.
  • Marketing Strategy: With the course in place, we devised a marketing strategy leveraging Instagram and Pinterest to promote the course, providing Kalli with the means to achieve her passive income goals.


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