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Ashley Nassar is the founder of Nassar Creative and a web developer with over 20 years of experience offering VIP website development services, including full-day and half-day sessions for business owners. Nassar Creative offers full web design services as well as SEO support, copywriting support, brand photography support, and ecommerce support.

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Ashley Nassar faced a common challenge among many business owners: how to balance her professional commitments with the impending life-changing event of welcoming a newborn. As her maternity leave approached, Ashley wished to disconnect from her work responsibilities and prioritize her health, as well as her precious time with her newborn and husband.

One of her key concerns was managing her email communications during her maternity leave. Ashley knew that staying connected with her clients was important, but she needed an effective solution to ensure she could fully embrace the joys of motherhood without the added stress of an overflowing inbox.


Through our collaborative efforts, we devised a comprehensive solution to manage Ashley’s email communications effectively during her maternity leave. The key outcomes include:

Email Management:

  • Prior to Ashley’s maternity leave, we worked together to outline a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) based on commonly encountered emails and potential outreach scenarios from past, active, or potential clients. This SOP served as a clear and actionable guide to managing her inbox while she stepped away.

Maternity Leave:

  • Ashley was able to disconnect and be Out of Office (OOO) from August to October, fully embracing the experience of motherhood without being tethered to her professional responsibilities.
  • While Ashley enjoyed her maternity leave, we effectively managed her inbox, ensuring that important client communications were addressed promptly and professionally.


Our collaboration with Ashley focused on creating a tailored solution for email management during her maternity leave. Here’s how we achieved these results:

  1. SOP Development: Before Ashley’s maternity leave, we worked closely to outline a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) specifically tailored to her needs. This SOP covered common email scenarios, including inquiries, client follow-ups, and potential client outreach. The SOP served as a detailed guide to manage her inbox efficiently and effectively.
  2. Maternity Leave Support: Once Ashley embarked on her maternity leave, we assumed responsibility for her inbox management. As her dedicated support team, we ensured that all client communications were handled promptly and professionally. By managing her inbox, we allowed Ashley to disconnect and fully immerse herself in the joys of motherhood and family life.

Through this collaborative solution, Ashley was able to successfully navigate her maternity leave without the added stress of business emails. She experienced the freedom to prioritize her health and bond with her newborn, knowing that her professional responsibilities were in capable hands. This allowed Ashley to fully enjoy the precious moments of motherhood, secure in the knowledge that her business was well taken care of in her absence.


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